Ask for help with gratitude, not with shame.


Never get comfortable.  Keep pushing the envelope.


I am always willing to give my opinion.


Sometimes you have to stand when other people tell you to sit down. Sometimes you have to speak when other people tell you to shut up.


What you want tomorrow may be different than what you want today.
Having a penis does not make you more of a person.


If society is fucked up, it won’t get better just because we travel through space.


The problem with stupidity is that is doesn’t just impact the carrier.


Life is a work in process.


I am all for a fight, but it should accomplish more than just giving myself a black eye.


Broken crayons still color.


I don’t have to be the best at everything, but I would like to be the best at something.


I am so old I remember when digital clocks were cool.


Life is good, but that doesn’t mean I am not struggling a little with it.


Sometimes I get fed up with being a continued disappointment to myself.


The end of the story is just a beginning to the next one.


Art matters.

When you don’t like how sausage is made you can either scream at people who eat sausage or find a better way to make sausage.


A disagreement is not the same as a fight.


Of course you can have an opinion.  And I can choose not to listen to it.


Delay is the antidote for anger.


I don’t suffer fools gladly but I do like to make fools suffer.


Hell hath no fury like me when I am slightly inconvenienced and hungry.



You are not a failure just because you are not the best.


Our world expands when we read.


My bucket list isn’t very long but my fuck it list keeps growing.


Life is a journey best traveled with wine.


Persuade me, don’t coerce me.


Fly with your own wings.


Stop displaying your stupidity like you are a peacock and stupidity it is your plumage.