It is not necessarily a naughty statement when I tell you that your hands are not where they are supposed to be.  

Money can buy you a lot of people but it won’t buy you a lot of friends.  

Sometimes you should pause in pursuit of your happiness just to be happy.  

The truth can be over-rated.  

Write your own fairy tale.  

No one is replaceable but everyone can be replaced.  

Making continuous improvement often results in tiny daily failures.  

Brains are sexy.  Just ask a zombie.  

Sometimes you have to have several conversations to figure out what your previous conversations were about. 

When you have no ethics you assume that no one else has ethics either. 

For a high maintenance girl, I am totally low maintenance.  

I don’t need your judgment.  I have my own.

Yes, my job is most likely harder than yours.  

Know your turn radius.  

If you have self-doubt, congratulations.  You are human, just like the rest of us.  

Everyone has bias.  Instead, everyone  should have boas.   Big fluffy ostrich feather ones.

Don’t yell out of turn.  You need to wait your turn to yell just like everybody else.  

Everyone talks about ethics, but few have them.  

You never know it all.  

Everyone likes a little bit of flattery sometimes and some people like it all the time.  

Influence what people do by changing what people think.  

You can learn a lot from bad people.  

Don’t keep people from experiencing the consequences of their actions.

I wouldn’t hate idiots so much if they didn’t make things so bad for the rest of us. 

We have met the enemy and he is orange. 

If you always told the truth, you would be an unemployed pariah.