Neither life nor massages always come with happy endings.

I know I am not a parent.  But I still judge you.

Never be afraid to be yourself. Unless you are a fucking asshole.

I have faith that science is the answer.

Most people don’t want the truth, they just want to believe that what they believe is the truth.

You can’t save anyone else if you don’t save yourself.

When you pick someone apart you should be prepared to put them back together.

If your version of peace is at the cost of other people’s human rights, I vote to keep fighting.

I would rather not throw up unless it is absolutely necessary.

Sometimes the best learned lessons are the ones we teach ourselves.

Stop apologizing for yourself.

You will never improve if the only work you do is to build obstacles for everyone else.

It is sad that you hate yourself so much that you have to denigrate people of color to feel good about yourselves.                                                 Addendum: Now fucking stop it.

My brain is a lot like my computer.  I know that I have the thing I want but I don’t know where it is or what it is called.

Take a fucking stand.

No rain, no rainbow.

I don’t distrust everyone.   Just you.

If you are going to be closed minded you should also be closed mouthed.

I can’t produce a masterpiece every day.  But if I work every day I may produce a masterpiece.

The only thing that is really unprofessional about my appearance are my tits.

If I dress for the promotion I want, I will have to develop really bad taste.

Sometimes I have to be a caterpillar just so I can be excited about becoming a butterfly again.

Scars remind us of where we have been but don’t limit where we are going.

I don’t know what you want and I probably don’t want to know what you want.

If by “elder” you mean “crazy-ass bitch” I totally agree with you.

It is hard to retain your diplomacy when you are dealing with the insane.

Stop trying to push others down to feel better about yourself.

Every day is another opportunity to fuck everything up.