I value the opinions that you keep to yourself.


If you can believe in absurdities you can commit atrocities.


Teamwork is about the team, not about the leader.
I am proud to be a feminist.


Sometimes you just have to let a ship sink.


I am not your parent, therefore, you do not get to treat me like shit.


Everybody knows something you don’t.


I always have answers, but they may not be answers to the questions that you are asking.


The secret of a good bluff is not to bluff.


I have no idea what I am doing out of bed.


Focus on what is right rather than who is right.


Your decision-making skills closely resemble those of a squirrel when crossing the road.


Don’t blame others for things you do.


We do everything for a reason, even if we don’t know it.


Why blame yourself when you can blame technology?


I am sorry. My ears heard you, but my brain was too distracted by everything else to actually pay attention.


When you stop trying to be perfect you can get better.


Don’t start a war you can’t win.


I don’t have a problem with caffeine.  I have a problem without caffeine.


Beautiful shoes are not worth falling on your face.


I am not here to apologize.


Create the world you want to inhabit.


The holidays: that time of year when we travel sometimes long distances to reunite with our families and remember why we moved away in the first place.


Tis the season of re-gifting.


I know you are an angry unhappy person.  Just try not to be a bitch about it.


The future is promised to no one.


I will only worry about the voices in my head if they start telling me to stay home and get pregnant.


Let’s be irresponsible together.


The worst monsters we will ever face are the ones we create ourselves.