The quieter you become, the more you can hear.


Sexual assault should not be a partisan issue.


Some people make me nervous when they don’t say anything. Other people are better with their mouths shut.


Some days you just do what you can.


I know how urgently you needed that report so it could sit on your desk for two weeks.


People can (and should) be sexual without being sexist.


People are driven by emotions beyond our comprehension.


I am pussy hear me roar.


We don’t live in Mayberry anymore.


Get your hand OFF of my pussy.


It is not selfish to take care of yourself.


Be gentle but fearless.


Learn from everything.


Be the light.


To keep a fire going you have to periodically add fuel.


Inspire others with your words, your deeds, your art, yourself.


Argument is 90 percent emotion and 10 percent nonsense.


Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.


All of us are smarter than some of us, except for when we are stupider.


The mind is our best friend and our worst enemy.


Yes, I called you an asshole. I thought you knew.


Give thanks for what you have, what you dream, and who you love.


Hell is the truth learned too late.


Annoy your relatives by thinking for yourself.


I just want my pajamas and a hot toddy.


I’ll always be there when I need you.


Obstacles are there to teach us something.


Dare to be diverse.