Compliments…compliments… compliments


I don’t take compliments well. That is a problem. I should appreciate and accept compliments more than I do. I know, I know. It IS a personal issue. But, I usually write about pretty personal stuff, so I have decided to write about compliments and the giving and the receiving of same.

I know it isn’t just me. I know that there are other people out there that have a hard time accepting compliments, too. It is so much easier to remember the slights from others and the bad things that you think you did than the compliments that you received. This is not something I made up – it is a valid psychological thing. (Here is an article if you want to read more on the topic.)

As such, I have starting trying to write down the compliments that I receive – particularly in relation to performing- so that I put more attention and focus on the good things.   (I usually already focus sufficiently on the bad things. Even if they aren’t really that bad. More discussion on that to follow.) Writing down the compliments I receive draws my attention to positive things about what I have done instead of focusing so intently on the negative (which I still do more than enough anyway….)

Compliments are pretty interesting and can often say more about the one giving the compliment rather than the one receiving the compliment. I had a friend recently who stated something to the effect that if you give a compliment such as “I really liked your act,” then it is all about the one giving the compliment versus, “That was a great act.” Really, they say pretty much the same thing, which is “In my opinion, your act was great.” Whether I overtly state the ME in the compliment, as the compliment giver, I am making a statement about my personal opinion. Now, I CAN, as a compliment giver, keep compliments to statements of fact; however, I find that most people don’t do that. Statements of fact include: “Your toes were pointed through the whole act,” or “your kicks were above your head.” Note: even statements that may seem factual are often not. Example: “Your kicks are really high.” That is an opinion. High as in comparison to what? “Your gaze in that act was very compelling.” What gaze, where particularly, and compelling to who? I know this is being really specific, but I recently judged a burlesque competition. I made a comment about a particular performer whose act I really enjoyed – it was polished as well as very emotionally charged (in my opinion). Someone else stated that the act “Didn’t do it for them,” and they “didn’t feel connected to the performer.” (their opinion) These were responses of different observers with different opinions – the act was the same. So remember that the comments and compliments you receive (or don’t) are also a reflection of the person giving them – not just a reflection of you.

With all of that said, I often don’t trust other people’s opinions. I mean – why should I? Do I even know you? Well, maybe I know some of you – But, hey! I don’t know all of you… But, even for those of you I do know, my personal biases tell me that other people’s judgment is often clouded or in some way “not” to be trusted.   Even my own compliments to others have many different meanings. Does that mean that the person is lying – not necessarily – they could be perfectly honest and just filtering it through a different set of lenses than someone else.

For example, my husband will tell me things like “You are so pretty.” I do not believe him. I do not think I am pretty. I think he says that because he loves me. Because he loves me, I am, therefore, pretty. He is insulted. I suck. Yes, this happens.

Another example: I have a brand new burlesque student. They get on stage for the first time. I tell them that they did a “great job!!” Did they? Well, yes – as a first time performer on stage, they did a great job. I did not lie. But, they are not a world class performer (at least not yet.) If they did the same quality in three years would I still tell them “great job?”   Probably not. If they are really good, then I will give them more feedback and, perhaps, even ask them to be in my non-student show. I tell my dance students all the time: “When you are first learning I am going to encourage you more. When you start getting good, I am going to encourage less and criticize more. Know that it is a good thing because it means you are improving and have the capacity to improve more.” In my mind, feedback and criticism are a gift -a gift a lot of people don’t spend the time to give or perhaps even have the capacity to give.

The context and perceived veracity of a compliment has a big impact to me on how much I accept that compliment. One of my teachers and mentors told me after a performance that I did a “great job.” I said “thanks.” Then someone else – a long-time performer – came and told me that I did a “great job.” I was thrilled. I was so thankful and talked to the person about my act. My mentor said “I told you that you did a great job, why didn’t you get excited about my comment?” My response: “You tell everyone they do a great job.” While she may have had a different perception of what that comment meant for me versus a beginner student, as the receiver of the comment, they read the same to me.

Compliments mean more to me when they are specific.   To me that shows that the commenter has taken the time to process my act, maybe even has specific standards that they are addressing. For example, “that act was great.” That is nice. Thank you. But much more meaningful: “That act was great. I really liked your fan work – it was very graceful. Your choreography went really well with the music and you had so much energy on stage.” Again – still opinions, but much more specific. I don’t go away with the feeling that “they say that to everyone.” No – those thoughts and opinions were developed just for me, just for that act. It was more than an overall, big picture, cheerleader perspective. It was specific and thought out and intentional.

Do I need to do a better job of just accepting and relishing in comments I am given? Yes, yes I do. I am very bad at that and need to be more accepting of others praise to me. However, I also have to filter my own judgment into the compliment lens because I do not want to get self-satisfied and smug listening to other people’s compliments of me. I want to go further and do more.

It is important to note that criticisms are also potential fodder along with the compliments. Be careful to accept those with a grain of salt, too. Again, opinions are expressed – tat is the nature of criticism. “I hate that act.” Well, that may be because you hate green and I wear all green in that act. The more specific the criticism, the more you can decide whether or not you want to do something about it. Sometimes people just make statements “You had a hard time with that zipper.” Well, yes. Yes, I did. It took me longer than normal. But, so what? Did it ruin the act? Will it happen again? Maybe – live theater happens. It is what it is. It is not a reflection of you or your skill.

With that in mind, be kind to yourself. A lot of people are overly harsh to themselves. Put on your kind audience filter. I am often surprised that mistakes I know happened don’t actually show up when I take off the Red Velvet filter that knows exactly what I planned to do and what the choreography was. When I put on the general audience filter, I don’t even notice the mistake happened. Being professional doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes – we all make mistakes. It just means that you handle it much better – sometimes to the point others don’t even notice the mistake.

So, this is a lot of all over the place. But so are the comments we receive from others AND constantly give to ourselves. Be mindful when you are giving or receiving comments – be they compliments or criticisms – to assess their impact and usefulness on the receiver (Note: that includes YOU the receiver and YOU the giver – why ARE you beating yourself up like that? – I mean it isn’t doing you any good or making you better just to be negative all the time…)




Proverb for the Day Archives – April 2017

I don’t hate you. I don’t particularly like you, but I certainly don’t hate you. 
Some of our best lessons are learned from our worst mistakes. 
Don’t try to use your passive-aggressive bitchiness on me. You couldn’t possibly do it as well as my mother.
When you don’t know, shut up and listen to someone who does. 
There are some things best left unsaid in a job application. Confessing to a murder would be one. 
More is not always more. 
I don’t care if you take the high road or the low road. I just don’t want to be on the same fucking road. 
You can never change yourself if you don’t try.
The best relationships are with those people who comfort you when you need it and push you to grow when you don’t. 
If we never do new things we never find out we can.  
It is good to be old and wise. Some people are just old. 
Don’t piss off the people who hold your secrets.  
Bullies are feared by many, respected by some, and liked by no-one. 
Stop fucking with me. 
You don’t have to suffer to make a difference. 
You can at least say ‘thank you’ after you take credit for all of my good ideas. 
If you don’t understand both sides of the argument you don’t understand the argument.  
Stories are all we have to make us immortal.
Sometimes all you can do is try. 
Pain is your body’s way of saying “Fuck You!” 
No airlines are great. Some just suck less than others. 
The biggest love/hate relationship we have is with our bodies. 
Some people are so busy feeling bad for what other people have that they forget to feel good about what they have themselves.  
Just because you do not choose to look upon the world does not mean that the world cannot see you. 
Don’t just be human. Be humane. 

Did you say… Relax…?

So, most of you probably have heard the song Relax, right? By Frankie Goes to Hollywood? Well, if not, you can listen to it here:

If you know the lyrics to the song, you will probably think, like I do, that this song ‘s title is rather an oxymoron. Let me give you a sample of the lyrics:

“Relax don’t do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don’t do it
When you want to come”

So the title is Relax, but then the lyrics say – don’t do it. And the musical rhythm is pounding and regular and not what I would put in the “relaxing” mode. I would say that my typical rules for relaxation have been – perhaps subconsciously – impacted by the song. Because, usually, Relax? I pretty much don’t do it. What did you do to relax? I cut out a new costume and danced. Yep. My “relaxing.” Or, if I am being really relaxing, going for a long walk. Because it doesn’t actually accomplish anything…

But, I am learning – it may still be a bit of a journey – the benefits of relaxing….

For the past month or so I have been exhausted. Not wanting to do anything, falling asleep early, being lethargic, slow, just lacking the usual energy I have. I had tons to do and was getting nothing done. And that made me feel cranky and no more energetic. Plus my body wasn’t healing and my muscles weren’t relaxing/releasing. They were tight and painful and just pretty much pissing me off. I was frustrated because I was “catching up” on sleep. I felt like I was having more than enough sleep, actually. I figured that maybe I was lethargic because my life wasn’t stressful enough at the time and so I lacked surges of adrenaline to keep myself going. That may be true – however, the problem with that is that you don’t really want to rely on your adrenaline full time. Because it actually wears your body down and makes your body more stressed out. Bummer. Because, apparently as a general rule my body really loves adrenaline.

So, I was wondering if there was something terribly and horribly wrong with me – I mean, more than the normal things I already know are wrong with me.   I am getting older. Was this it? Had I finally reached the point of no return? Was life all downhill from here? I was going to quickly become my grandmother, sleeping the bulk of the day on the sofa telling people that I was way too perky to actually take a nap in bed. (I already tell Mr. Velvet I am fine and then fall asleep on him when we watch movies on the sofa.) Nooooo! (Note: I am not worried about becoming my grandmother. I am much more likely to become my mother. On the other hand,, I am way too similar to my father to really become like my mother….)

Anyway, feeling like garbage – physically and mentally (because I wasn’t getting enough DONE and that makes me pretty much a loser…) I took a few days off from work with Mr. Velvet. We went on a trip to Mendocino. If you have not been to the Mendocino area, there is not a whole lot up there, and yet there is. There are old Victorians, the forest, the ocean, some cute shops and state parks with hiking nearby. We stayed in a cute hotel, did a lot of walking and hiking, a little shopping, sufficient eating, and some driving around. I brought stuff to “do” like sewing and choreography and ended up doing NONE of it. We slept when we felt like it. I even took an actual nap one day. We pretty much relaxed… (I also made the decision that I don’t know if I can ever totally and entirely “retire.” I will probably have to do something like teach dance classes or do consulting or some such thing like that.”)

And guess what? When we got home I actually started feeling like myself again. I was productive again. It wasn’t necessarily the stuff that I was chastising myself for not doing for month, but it was still stuff. I started spring cleaning the house, finished three choreographic dances in process, started getting little things done and just feeling like I had energy again to do things. I don’t know. Maybe my body and brain were bored with relaxing and needed to do something again. Maybe they got some rest finally instead of pseudo rest where I was chastising myself all the time I was “resting” for not being productive and pretty much stressing myself out for it. Whatever reason, I felt better. And I am still feeling better. And I am trying to keep busy – within reason when I can. Some nights I am busy, and then, some nights I am not. One night last week I came home from work, ran an errand, cooked a decent dinner, and then relaxed and read a book and watched a movie with Mr. Velvet. That was all. And a couple of times guilt started to creep in and I said to myself – “Stop it.” Because – even though I am apparently a workaholic, I, too, need to actually relax once in awhile.

So, maybe I need to rewrite the words of the song “Relax” and create a more reasonable version for myself – and maybe others who need to hear it too…

“Relax, just do it

When you need rest get to it it

Relax just do it

Rest when you need some….”

Proverb for the Day Archives – March 2017

Self care is a pathway to power. 
Look for slivers of quiet in your life.
Change is the only constant. 
When life gives you lemons, you don’t get scurvy.
Yes, I do like you. I just really don’t have the time or energy to be human with you right now.
Bad feelings don’t come from nothing.
Hysterical, maniacal laughter is still laughter. 
Solve problems, don’t create them. 
We spend too much time chastising ourselves for what we do wrong and not enough time celebrating what we do right. 
To sleep, perchance to heal. 
Sleep is underrated. 
Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Brilliant people learn from the mistakes of others. 
The most worn books are usually the most read.
You can’t lie all the time. 
I have not given up, but sometimes I need to refuel my engine. 
Being pro-sexuality does not make me anti-feminist. 
I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept. 
No, you haven’t. And you probably never will. 
I can live without you. I just prefer not to. 
 I cannot make the world idiot proof. 
Loners unite!!!
Sometimes people can need you too much. 
Movie villains are always one step ahead until the moment that they fail miserably. 
Dream for what you want and then plan for your dreams. 
If you could live on the fence the grass would always be greener on all sides.  
I’m not tired. You’re tired. 
Don’t fulfill other people’s expectations for yourself, fulfill your own. 
No. I am not impressed. Should I have been? 
Better to be tired and happy than well-rested but miserable. 

I. Am. Tired.


I wish I had something really compelling to write about, but I don’t.  My brain is kind of fuzzy and the one thing it can really focus on is this:
                                               I Am Tired.

Which brings to mind the song lyrics from the song I’m Tired in the movie Blazing Saddles.

               “I’m tired
Sick and tired of love
I’ve had my fill of love
From below and above
Tired, tired of being admired
Tired of love uninspired
Let’s face it
I’m tired”

Because, we have all had those days, even Madeline Kahn (or at least the character she plays.)  And lately, it seems like a lot of people I know are having those days.  But why?  Why do we have those tired, sluggish, can barely even think days?  (Why Santie Claus, why?)

We use up a lot of energy.  And there are times we pull all of our physical reserves in order to make it through because we are faced with additional stressors.  And right now, most of us have a LOT of stressors.  Just reading the news right now can be a major stress inducer!  Those stressors can be external (such as the election and impending results), internal (such as pulling a muscle or fighting off a cold), or brainy and thinky or stress things (because the brain is actually the biggest consumer of energy in your body).  And we all harness that energy and energy requirements differently.  From the time I was a teenager to now I have a propensity to get sick after a big event.  Examples: Big choir concert – I get a cold the day after.  Lots of travel and stressful assignments end and then I get a migraine afterwards.  I empty the “health reserves,” if you will and when they are empty, my body does a big “Fuck you!” to myself.  It would be great to manage that better ongoing, but I haven’t fully managed that capability yet.  And then, it always changes, too.  Just when you think you have all the right combinations, they change.  And your body forgot to send you the new codes.

And, of course, we all blame stress.  And stress can be exhausting.  But it is more exhausting if we think of it as exhausting.  Lots of things are “stressful” but it is what are brains tell ourselves that make it better or worse.  In a Harvard Business School study done in 2014, participants about to make a public presentation were either asked to calm down or told to rethink their nervousness as excitement.  The study found that calming down didn’t reduce stress, it just made people feel worse about being stressed.  Turning those nervous feelings into the product of excitement were better able to channel the energy their body created into positive outlets.  And which is less exhausting in the long run?  Trying to calm your nervous energy ineffectively or using the energy you already have from being stressed and channeling it into what you are doing?

Studies have shown that the physiological responses from terrified stress and from excited stress don’t actually differ.  So, make your approach positive.  Your body can’t tell, but your brain certainly can.  Apparently the traditional stressors we think of as ‘fight or flight’ are really indistinguishable from “excite or delight.”  Therefore, let’s give our brains the opportunity to “excite or fright.”  Excite seems so much better and certainly does our brain and dispositions better.  While the physical toll may be the same, the mental impact will be less damaging.  You might as well channel your energy into feeling amped up versus feeling panicked.    Other stress strategies include considering how you can use the stress (and how you have used stressful incidents in the past) to strengthen you and grow your insights and abilities.  How has given that first terrifying speech or performance helped you learn and become a better performer?  Positive goals will help you have a more positive outlook and will help you approach stress from a different perspective.  It also helps you see yourself in the future – either past the stress, without the stress, or channeling the stress in different ways.

Finally, make the issue about something bigger than yourself.  Realize that when you help others, you also help yourself.  If you are the one to reach out and hold someone else’s hand when you are both stressed out, you will likely be getting the most benefit from that interaction.  Just helping and encouraging others can help you create stress-relieving changes in your own brain.  This isn’t just feel good talk.  Apparently, neuroscientists have studied the brain and giving support reduced stress significantly more than receiving support.  If you don’t agree, don’t ask me – I am NOT a neuroscientist.  Just passing on the message…
So, tired.  Yah.  I get it.  And right now it looks like many of us may be stressed and fighting (there are just some things you can’t get excited about) and then tired for maybe at least four years.  Not counting all the other stressors we have, too.  But, as much as we can, let’s try to channel our stress and help ourselves so that we can get through these difficult times a little bit easier and with a little less mental and physical damage to ourselves.

So, here is to excitement, growth, and REST.  Because you know, sometimes sleep alone just doesn’t cut it.

Viva La Resistance!


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So, if you are like me, you are probably wondering, after having Trump in office for less than a month, how we are going to survive the next four years?  We are going to do it one day at a time, one crisis at a time, one lie at a time, and most importantly one convert at a time.

Convert.  Yes, we must continue to talk and to convert.  The following example is from someone on Facebook who shared her experience CONVERTING.  She was asked, as so many of us have been:

“You know–many people don’t understand why the women were marching.”  I immediately went into defense mode but he wouldn’t let it go. He kept asking questions, and then *LISTENED* to the answers. I shared with him the statistics on rape convictions. I told him about the rape kit backlog and gender rating and parental rights for rapists. I told him how many people could lose access to their health care if the ACA is repealed, and what this does to women who need prenatal care. I told him a little bit about my story of trying to report a crime and being victim blamed and he stood there–with his mouth wide open.  Finally he said, “Wow. I had no idea. So…what do I do? How do I help?”  You guys, if even just a FRACTION of us who marched have just ONE of these conversations and open even just one mind–we will make progress.  Don’t let the negative comments and negative media get you down. It means people are talking and what we did worked.  The largest and most peaceful demonstration in United States history will ripple out in ways we cannot even fathom. Just wait.”

This is beautiful.  Explaining our thoughts, our reasons, why we are fighting, why we are speaking out.  And sometimes we will win.  Sometimes we won’t.

I lost my “relationship” with my father-in-law the week after the women’s March. Not that it was really a relationship since Mr. Velvet and I moved to Louisiana so he could attend graduate school.  The man accused me of a double standard, tried to belittle my friends who argued with him, and then basically said he thought I could handle alternate options – although he never actually espoused any of them.  He then said he would NEVER be a part of our lives again.  Great!  Because if this is how he engages, I do not want him in my life.  Every battle is not going to be a win.  But we still need to keep fighting and keep trying, because sometimes our voice and our arguments are going to make their way through.    With that in mind, as we argue our points, here are some tips to try to remember:  these are summarized from, an article on “Being Heard: 6 Strategies for Getting Your Point Across.”

  • Understand your situation and their situation.
  • Don’t sell, blame, or accuse.  (Note: if they don’t have positive intent, this may not be something they are open to hearing.)
  • Communicate your goals.
  • Stay interested. Don’t forget that everything you experience is filtered through your perception.
  • Center yourself and extend positive energy. Do not lose yourself in the argument.
  • There are no guarantees. You may not win and you may never get your point across ever.

Rule number one is to protect yourself.  If you are not taking care of yourself, your physical and psychological well-being, you cannot continue to fight the fight, argue, and stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t engage when you are not going to get anywhere – that is the time to disengage and take care of yourself.  We are in this for the next four years: This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep up the fight and support others who are fighting!  Whether through words, articles, art, demonstrations – it is all resistance!  Viva la resistance!!!

Proverb for the Day Archives – February 2017

Peter Pan seems pretty adult compared to others, but then again, he didn’t have twitter.


Someone else’s success is not your failure.


There is a chance I am wrong, but it is infinitesimal.


Love yourself exactly where you are.


It is difficult to be happy for someone else’s 5-course meal when you are looking for dropped seeds at the side of the road.


Events must be endured to be learned from


I hear voices in my head. Usually my own telling me to get my ass up and get to work.


Life is short, buy more shoes.


Don’t perpetuate the bad things you tell yourself.


Once you agree that I am right, we can continue the conversation.


Don’t regret the past, just drink more.


At least when I talk to myself I know someone intelligent is listening.


However deep you bury an unpleasantness, a dog will always dog it up.


Maybe you go with your plan and maybe you don’t, but you can always start with a plan.
I don’t like you nagging me either.


Luck favors the prepared.


I know you are, but what am I?


Be your own heroine.


People who have more birthdays live longer.


Don’t sell fear, embrace courage.


Your truth does not equal universal truth.


Do not judge people who have little to nothing as one day you may find yourself with nothing at all.


I don’t hate people. I just feel better when they are not around.


Caffeine is life.


Stop pouring your whine. I am done.


The more you give yourself, the more you can give to others.


Remember: You can only run away from your problems for so long before they catch up to you, tackle you, drag you into a nearby alley, and ultimately slit your throat.




Proverb for the Day Archives: January 2017

Life would be easier if I was happy being mediocre.
A moral compass can only point you in the 

right direction.  
If the early bird gets the worm what time do I need to arrive for the lobster?
I like murder mysteries but I don’t want to become one.  
If you have time to clean, you aren’t reading enough.
When you already have justice you don’t need to fight for it. 
You don’t have to give up all your toys just because you are “grown up.” 
Don’t let there be a day when you say “I give up.”  
Unfortunately , humanity is only more important than business if you are humane. 
You don’t have to be practical. You don’t have to be solvent either. 
Research before you speak. 
A rainbow only shows itself in the light.
Other people’s negativity isn’t worth worrying about. 
Not everything I say is political. Just most of it. (Particularly given the fact that less than 100 years ago I would not have been allowed to vote.)
Don’t fight for your own freedom only to turn around and chain others. 
Great things take time. 

You have overcome challenges before and you will overcome them again. 
Why break someone in when you can get someone that is already broken. 
The worms crawl in. 
Make America think again.
Girls just want to have fun-damental rights.
Do not belittle others. Do not belittle others. Do not belittle others. Do not belittle others. Do not… but it would be so easy…. belittle others. No. Stop it. Just…. (sigh)…
Really? You actually believe that shit?  
Dissent is patriotic. 
We cannot hide behind our hands from the world around us.  
Some people just want to see what happens when they destroy what others cherish. 
Whatever you do, do it well. 
Mortals create all the tragedies.  
Progress takes place outside the comfort zone. 
To become happier, be grateful for what you have.

New Year Goals

Happy New Year!

Here is truly wishing you a great 2017. I know that 2016 was rough for a lot of people and I hope that 2017 is an easier one. That said, I had a lot of really great things happen in 2016 that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on, even for all the bad things that happened during the year. It is easy to dwell on the negative instead of the positive, so here is to good thoughts and positive thinking!

That said, I don’t usually set New Year’s resolutions for myself. If I want to lose 5 pounds, read more books, whatever it is, I usually don’t wait ‘til the start of a new year to begin the endeavor. However, this year I have set – I will call it a goal – for myself and I really hope that I can manage to achieve it. That goal is to be happier and have more fun in burlesque. “Fun?” you say… “Isn’t that why you do all this burlesque stuff? To have fun? Is it not fun?” Well, yes, it is fun. It is still fun. But it has become less fun because my expectations and demands for myself have increased to the point of obsession…

Let me take you back in time to my second ever burlesque performance. I had a great time, I was over the fright and dismay at my First-Ever burlesque performance and all I had was pure enjoyment. I got on stage, I danced, the audience screamed. I was so happy and excited. After the show, I cried. And Mr. Velvet, being the caring person that he is, asked, “Why are you crying?” And I said, “Because I had so much fun and I may never have that much fun doing this again.” And he basically said, “That is stupid.” He said a lot of other things, too, but they amounted to basically “What are you thinking? Of course you will always have fun as long as you want to have fun and if you aren’t having fun then stop doing it…”

But you know what? I was right. And he was wrong. Because sometimes I know myself better than anyone else knows me, including Mr. Velvet. (And sometimes he knows me better than I know myself, so neither one of us is right 100% of the time – although we would both really like to be right 100% of the time. Or at least I would… I think he really just wants me NOT to be right 100% of the time…)

But, as usual, I digress. So, why did I lose the fun? Because I place such great demands upon myself and upon my psyche. And I do a lot of things. And they are fun, but they are less fun because I have demands upon myself and others have expectations of me and I have expectations of what I should be providing others. And sometimes I get scared because I am afraid I am not progressing or I get so stuck being afraid that I can’t always take the next steps I need to take. My brain gets in my fucking way because it is shouting “What are you doing? Why do you want to do that? Oh, that step again? Don’t you have anything new?” You know, all the negative shit. Because my brain is not Stuart Smalley and it doesn’t tell me every day, “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”

So, I have a lot of expectations of myself and where I want to be and what I want to achieve. I have drive. And most of the time that is great because I get a lot of shit done. I do shit and then I do more shit. The bad thing is that I worry that the shit I do really is shit. Not that it isn’t fairly okay shit, but I want to make great shit. I want to “Be all that I can be…” and I am not even in the Army. Well, maybe I am in Velvet’s Army. My huge army of one person.

So, in my effort to make better shit, I forget to have fun making it, creating it. I have the initial idea, which is fun!! And then I get caught up in the doing and the thinking and the “how can I make that better” and sometimes it starts to become not as fun. Now… you say “well, if it isn’t fun, you should just stop doing it.” WRONG!

First of all, it is still fun – it just isn’t as fun. You know – it is like your first trip to Disneyland as a kid is AMAZING… and as you get older it is still fun, but it will NEVER be as fun as it was when you were 8 years old and experiencing everything with a fresh eye.” Well, I just need to figure out how to bring more fun to a non-fresh eye. The question is: How do I bring a little more joy into the process and still improve myself and what I am doing? And have more fun. And sex. I need lots more sex. ‘Cause that is always good to throw in there, too. I could just go out on stage and suck, but that wouldn’t be fun either. (And when I say suck, I don’t mean the sex kind of suck because, while that might be fun, it would not be legal to do on stage…)

Second, my brain won’t let me stop now. I don’t even want to do things sometimes but I am compelled to do them and my brain… will… not… stop. I choreographed a dance to “good old desk” one time, even though I know I cannot take a desk on stage and do this dance, but I had to choreograph it because until I did I could not get the idea out of my brain. It is like my brain is possessed. And then, there is this Trump Hair act that I am working on now – which I did not want to make, but my brain said “HERE IS AN IDEA…” and then the other part said, “how could I possibly …. “ and then my brain said, “You will figure it out, grasshopper…” And I did. And then I figured out the next part and so on and so on. But I can’t stop because my brain won’t let me do that either. And if I did stop, then I would not just be not having as much fun, I would be absolutely miserable…

Now, how am I am going to have more fun? I am not sure, but I am hoping my brain can help me on this. I mean, since I now have it as a GOAL, and since I am DRIVEN, I am hoping my brain will start pushing for FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! Isn’t that how it is supposed to work?

So, wishing myself achievement in my goal of fun (and sex) and hoping the same for you! Happy New Year!



Proverbs for the Day Archives – December 2016

I value the opinions that you keep to yourself.


If you can believe in absurdities you can commit atrocities.


Teamwork is about the team, not about the leader.
I am proud to be a feminist.


Sometimes you just have to let a ship sink.


I am not your parent, therefore, you do not get to treat me like shit.


Everybody knows something you don’t.


I always have answers, but they may not be answers to the questions that you are asking.


The secret of a good bluff is not to bluff.


I have no idea what I am doing out of bed.


Focus on what is right rather than who is right.


Your decision-making skills closely resemble those of a squirrel when crossing the road.


Don’t blame others for things you do.


We do everything for a reason, even if we don’t know it.


Why blame yourself when you can blame technology?


I am sorry. My ears heard you, but my brain was too distracted by everything else to actually pay attention.


When you stop trying to be perfect you can get better.


Don’t start a war you can’t win.


I don’t have a problem with caffeine.  I have a problem without caffeine.


Beautiful shoes are not worth falling on your face.


I am not here to apologize.


Create the world you want to inhabit.


The holidays: that time of year when we travel sometimes long distances to reunite with our families and remember why we moved away in the first place.


Tis the season of re-gifting.


I know you are an angry unhappy person.  Just try not to be a bitch about it.


The future is promised to no one.


I will only worry about the voices in my head if they start telling me to stay home and get pregnant.


Let’s be irresponsible together.


The worst monsters we will ever face are the ones we create ourselves.